Complete Salon Manicure

GS 59,760

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Shell We Dance, Plums the Word, Sweet Talker, Devil Wears Nada, So Much Fawn, Pat on the Black, Ginger Zinger, All Fired Up, Clean Slate, Almost Almond, Sheer Ecstasy, Let's Snow, Re-Nude, Arm Candy, Primrose & Proper, Peach Of Cake, Rose To The Occasion, Gitty Pleasure, Gilty Party, Hello Pretty, Orchid Me Not, Tickle Me Pink, Back To Fuchsia, Ben Jungle Gem, Get Juiced, Poof! Be-Gonia, Ben Pleace Sea Me, Scarlet Lacquer, Ben Mermainds Tale, Ben Blue My Mind, Ben Kook a Mango, Ben Barracuda, Clean Slate, Cameflage, Ben Clf Take Off, Ben Golden Rule, Almost Almond, World Is My Oyster, Sweet Talker, All Bark, Ben Hi To Silver, Fe Fi Fo Plum, Plum S The Word, Commander In Chic, Ben Cooper Penny, I Lilac You, Pink Pong, Hooked On Onyx